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We know the drill with this whole teaching English abroad thing and have your back with the process. We'll be there to help and give you the best service possible.

After becoming frustrated with the lack of a simple and effective way to find a job teaching English abroad we decided to create the ultimate hub for connecting teachers with English language schools throughout Korea.
So we've built a team of placement partners so you can get access to the best schools out there to quickly and easily find your ideal job.

Why Ninja Teacher Jobs?

Competitive Salaries

Our team will connect you with schools that offer great salaries for both new and experienced teachers.

Save Money

A high salary combined with the inexpensive living costs in South Korea allow you to save a considerable amount. 

Free Accomodation

Schools you'll be connected with include free accomodation or a housing allowance so getting settled in is easy.

Created By

Alex Stevenson

Alex has taught English in South Korea and Vietnam, lived in Asia for 2 years and is now working full time on helping others get started teaching.
He also has a YouTube channel on teaching in Asia.

What Our Clients Say

"Alex was so helpful! He has great resources and connections with many recruiters, so it helps you to have a lot of options! If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't have found the job that I got!

Leslie, Teacher in Seoul, Korea.

"Alex has helped me a great deal in the process of getting a job in Korea. Firstly by sending my CV to good recruiters for me, within a day or two I was receiving a lot of decent offers!"

Susan, Teacher in Korea

What Makes Us Different

We focusing on helping teachers secure reliable teaching jobs above all else.

It's our mission to make the process as simple as possible so that you can get started teaching, experiencing a new culture and earning great money without all the stress that comes with job hunting.

We are continually expanding our network as the fasted growing company helping you find teaching jobs around Asia! 

Ready To Connect with schools?

To begin connecting you'll need to be an enthusiastic native English speaker with at least a bachelors degree  and come from the USA, UK, Ireland, Canda, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.